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Turquoise Yachts

TURQUOISE YACHTS FOR SALE Formerly known as Proteksan Turqupoise, Turquoise Yachts is Turkey’s largest superyacht builder, building custom power and sailing yachts. Yacht for Sale Thanks to Turquoise yachts Turkey has significant recognition in the luxury yacht building industry with the company now able to show off a very impressive fleet of vessels since the construction of the first world class superyacht from the fleet M/Y Turquoise, now known as Double Trouble. Established in 1997, Turquoise has delivered a wide range of quality turkish superyachts ranging from 40 to 72 metres in length with several other yachts measuring up to 80 metres currently under construction. Specialising in the construction of steel and aluminium vessels, the shipyard is split into two distinct areas to aid construction. Boat for Sale WHY BUY A TURQUOISE YACHT Turquoise offers bespoke and semi-custom designs of the highest quality and attention to detail. Used Boat for Sale and Used Yacht for Sal